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Sangha Building


Grow Your Sangha

The Open Heart Mindfulness Community of Wisconsin shares about how their Sangha has flourished using the tools offered in the "Sangha In A Box" kit.

To read about their story, click here.

Bring "Sangha In A Box" to your Sangha!


With the awareness of the need to help build, develop and strengthen sangha, the Foundation is honored to provide a Sangha support fund of $10,000 to promote a new initiative in our community  – the Sangha Building Project. Current examples of sangha support efforts include:














SANGHA IN A BOX – The Sangha start-up kit includes:

      1. DVD Practice Orientation with Br.Phap Hai and Sr.Tue Nghiem

      2. CD Breath by Breath, chants from Plum Village

      3. “Songs of Practice” Handout

      4. Photograph of Thich Nhat Hanh

      5. The New Sangha Handbook (see below for downloadable version)

      6. Three of Thay’s books: Happiness, The Mindfulness Survival                 Guide, and Joyfully Together: The Art of Building a Harmonious             Community

      7. A bell (with cushion and inviter)  

Sanghas may apply for a free sangha resource kit by completing an application (below). A "SANGHA IN A BOX" resource kit may also be purchased at a cost of $120. This price includes the material expenses and the shipping costs. (Street address shipments only, no PO boxes, and please provide us your phone and email address with your order.) To purchase, please click HERE for our secure online donation page and write "FOR SANGHA IN A BOX" in the "Gifts Designation Notes" box on our donation page, or you may send a check with a note requesting the SANGHA IN A BOX resource kit to: Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation 2499 Melru Lane Escondido, CA  92026

PROGRAM SUPPORT -- We are happy to announce that the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation has made funding available this year to help share and support the practice of mindfulness in our community. Program Funding support is available to help new and existing dharma outreach programs that help bring to life and strengthen our practice community. Sangha Building Funding is also available to provide new and existing sanghas in the United States with funds and resources to support practitioners and their local sanghas.

DHARMA TEACHER SUPPORT -- Awards of up to $500 to bring a Dharma teacher to a local sangha and community for a retreat or public "Day of Mindfulness" event. Apply through the links below.


Thầy has taught us that without Sangha, there is no Buddha, there is no Dharma. Sangha is essential to our practice. 

To find a Sangha near you, check out the directory on the Mindfulness Bell website, 



Download guidelines for applying for Sangha Building Funds. CLICK HERE.


Download the application to apply for Sangha Building Funds. CLICK HERE.


The New Sangha Handbook is a 47 page sharing that includes the Mindfulness Trainings, guidance for sangha activities and facilitation, and other practice and teaching information. The Handbook is included in the Sangha in a Box start-up kit. It can also be downloaded from the link below. (Please let us know if you do download the document and do not need an additional copy in any Sangha In A Box you might purchase or apply for.)

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