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Giving and Receiving

When you support the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation, you are aware that through your acts of loving kindness, a student can attend a mindfulness teaching…a poor child can be fed…a meditation hall can be built for Dharma sharing…and another person’s suffering can be transformed.  Dana (giving) is the practice of generosity that helps remind us of the fundamental inter-being nature of all life that Thầy speaks of.  Click an image below for more information on ways to give, or follow the links.

Ways to Give

What will you support?

One-Time Giving - a single offering of support.
Monthly Pledge - a recurring monthly gift made through our monthly giving program.
Endowment Giving - The Monastic Trust Fund provides for our monastic community in perpetuity.

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Bequest Giving - a customized gift made through your will.
Donate Now

How it works

Any donation to the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation can be given as a general support gift or designated for a program or practice center you have a specific desire to support. This includes one-time gifts, monthly pledges, and Bequest Gifts. Gifts to the Monastic Trust Fund are already designated and will be deposited into a separate endowment account. You can read more about that here
General support gifts cover the broadest range of our community needs. General support funds are disbursed to each of our three North American Monasteries and Plum Village, our Dharma Sharing Programs, and Humanitarian Relief efforts. Each Monastery receives 20% of general support funds. Dharma Sharing Programs and Humanitarian Relief efforts each receive 10%. To make a general support gift, visit our secure online donation page HERE. There's no need to select a designation. All gifts are allocated for the general fund unless otherwise noted.
To designate your giving for a specific program or monastery especially close to your heart, visit our secure on-line donation page HERE, and select the designation of your choice from the "Gift Designation" drop down menu. You can add additional notes regarding the intention of your gift or pledge in the "Gift Designation Notes" text box. You are also welcome to call our office or make a note of your giving designation on any donation you submit by post.

Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation: 2499 Melru Lane  Escondido, CA  92026
Phone:  760-291-1003 ext. 104    Email:

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Your gifts make possible...

North American Monasteries – Foundation support helps build and maintain three practice centers in North America. Essential repairs for dormitories at Blue Cliff Monastery (NY). Building a residence for our Sisters at Deer Park Monastery (CA). A new Meditation Hall for the growing community at Magnolia Grove Monastery (MS). These centers welcome tens of thousands of people every year interested in learning and practicing the art of mindful living.
Plum Village Meditation Practice Center (France) – The home of our beloved teacher, Thầy, Plum Village invites our growing international community to practice together and learn to look deeply in order to transform both our individual difficulties and the difficulties in our society. Much needed kitchen renovations make it possible for many more nourishing meals to be shared.
Dharma Sharing Programs – The Foundation provides program funding for Dharma outreach programs such as the Wake Up Tour, Dharma Podcast, and general Practice & Teaching Retreats in cities throughout North America.
Sister Chan Khong’s Humanitarian Relief – Under the guidance of Sister Chan Khong, the Foundation is providing international relief assistance to thousands of children and adults suffering from poverty, war, and natural disasters.
Monastic Support -​ The Foundation provides ongoing support for the almost 100 nuns and monks living in North America, as well as our worldwide monastic community, who bring the practice and teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh to millions of individuals.